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Posts tagged "art"
Don’t worry, there’s an actual web comic coming tomorrow. I’m finally settling into the new software. But today is the last in the line of my “sketches from class” informal series wherein I provide you with examples of things I

Hey folks, quick no-frills one today (I’m sure this joke has been made before). All the peeps in my cartoon class are obsessed with New Yorker cartoons. This is probably the closest I get. I’ve got a brand spanking new

Taking a break this week.  But didn’t want to leave people with nothing. I’m taking a “fundamentals of cartooning” class in Princeton this spring and in the last class we had to take two cliche cartoon settings and make five

“Content Marketing” “embedded advertising” whatever you want to call it, it’s a stunt. In this episode Dean, Ben and Jim discuss what is perhaps the most successful advertising stunt this year; the “world’s greatest selfie” from the Oscars and what,

    The noble voice of youth asks, “what is truth” in this episode. Specifically we exam the existential quandary of enjoying the “Lego version” of things as compared to the actual versions. And of course we provide edifying smart

Better late than never. Not so much a comic as just a drawing I did. Also, not so much a drawing I did as me completely ripping off this, this, and this.