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Ben and Dean are subjected to Ed’s vacation slides from his recent trip to China. Ben misplaced his bomb shelter. Dean is hoarding apps. Main Segment: Ed’s Trip to China Smart Suggestions: Ben: General’s Layout Pencil | Uni-Ball Kuru Toga Ed: Pocket Casts

In this bonus episode of the stuff smart people like podcast, Ben, Paul and Ed, completely spoil Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Comment on this episode Feedback: | Leave a voice message Subscribe: blog & podcast | podcast only | iTunes Social: Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Google+
  Like this Comic? Check out a “Making of” feature on it and my other comics at Kant or Wont Here’s number 2. I really enjoyed trying my best to draw cartoon versions of Michael and Fredo Corleone. I also

  Like this Comic? Check out a “Making of” feature on it and my other comics at Kant or Wont Here’s the first one folks. Bit of a political angle here. Not my usual stuff, but then again, I didn’t write

Hey everybody! As part of what I hope will be an annual or even semi-annual event (hence the optimistic title) I will be drawing cartoons written by the panel members of the stuff smart people like podcast. Myself included, there are seven

Don’t worry, there’s an actual web comic coming tomorrow. I’m finally settling into the new software. But today is the last in the line of my “sketches from class” informal series wherein I provide you with examples of things I

Dean and Ed man a two man cast devoted squarely to spoiling…er, discussing, speculating, and gesticulating (though the last part won’t be apparent from the podcast), about the money making juggernaut (also a comic character) that is comic book movies.

This episode focuses on all things sports. The question of the week focuses on sports scandals and (SPOILER ALERT!) D%$* pics. Then the main segment focuses on the NCAA basketball tournament (better known as March Madness, hence the outdated 300

This smart panelists eschew with the usual smart suggestions in order to provide you with a comprehensive Oscar’s review. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and all for the low low price of $0. Don’t forget to sign up for the stuff

Dean learns too much…Then a question of the week about the government shutdown leads to a main discussion on the merits of traditional news outlets vs. more modern outlets (esp. Twitter). Then we provide three smart suggestions and one anti-suggestion.


NASA knew Columbia crew could die on re-entry

A NASA flight director has revealed that personnel on the ground knew in 2003 that the Space Shuttle Columbia would not likely survive re-entry, but chose not to inform the vessel’s crew. According to an ABC News report from Thursday, when faced with the choice of letting the astronauts die trying to come home or leaving them to orbit until their air ran out, high-ranking NASA officials chose to let the Columbia crew die in ignorance of what was to befall them. Raw Story (

(via NASA knew Columbia crew could die but chose not to tell them | The Raw Story)

What are these lights doing here all of a sudden?! Is it a secret military installation, a vast network of pop-up toy stores, or some damn hippie music festival? Well, it’s not that conspiratorial, but still potentially alarming. Follow the link to learn the truth (it’s out there).

(via Krulwich Wonders from NPR)

In this episode, the society of smarts tackles crowd-funding. Specifically, Kickstarter’s recent decision to protect “backers’” investments by requiring more planning and disclosure of “risks and challenges” by those seeking funds. Dean comes down hard against backing someone’s “Good time.” Ben raw-dogs the smart suggestion segment (as he does many things it seems). Jordan once again suggests an artist no one has ever heard of in a feeble attempt to up his indie cred. Finally, Ed tries to revert to a zen lifestyle but his calm is broken by a surprise guest appearance from his cat - “Captain Pancakes.” 

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Smart Suggestions

Main Segment: Kickstarter

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Analysts predict Apple shares will cross $1000 in 12 months time. Theatre critics predict Mike Daisey will claim to have rung the opening bell that morning. Fact-checking will reveal that he merely got an alert from his Stocks app.

Why Don’t Young Americans Buy Cars?

From the article:

Kids these days. They don’t get married. They don’t buy homes. And, much to the dismay of the world’s auto makers, they apparently don’t feel a deep and abiding urge to own a car. 

It’s pretty tough to buy a car, house, or afford a wedding if you’re working at Starbucks. Or if you’re not working at all.

(via Why Don’t Young Americans Buy Cars? - Jordan Weissmann - Business - The Atlantic)