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Posts tagged "science"
After answering a question from a fast food celebrity, the guys turn their skeptical gaze toward the recent initiative by the makers of the habit forming app “Lift” to “Scientifically” pit 10 different popular diets against one another to see

The panel of professorial peeps answers a question from Patchy the ragdoll. Then, we sample new music and debate the value of modern debate. The transition music from this episode was provided by Perturbator. Perturbator is on Bandcamp and Twitter.

As Episode 100 approaches, the panel ponders milestones. Which milestones are worth celebrating? Which are overblown? Would Ben make a good father? What is a good milestone made out of? The question of the week brings with it plenty of


This is great news if it holds up: A promising new AIDS vaccine being developed at Oregon Health & Science University has demonstrated the capacity to effectively remove all traces of an AIDS-causing virus from non-human primates, according to a newly published



This week, the panel talks about science in public policy, how junk mail should be addressed in the Question of the Week and provide some Smart Suggestions.

Main Segment:

Smart Suggestions:

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Meet your new species: The Olinguito

For the first time in 35 years, an entirely new carnivore species has been discovered in the American continents. Meet the Olinguito, an animal described as “part teddy bear, part cat,” and found in the forests of Colombia and Ecuador, where a big chunk of its habitat is disappearing rapidly to new neighborhoods, logging and farming operations.

(via Part Cat, Part Teddy Bear: Meet the Olinguito, New Species Discovered - Technorati Lifestyle)

The Dangers of Doing Psychological Research with an Agenda

People (including Ed) have been saying that Twenge over-states the true effect sizes of her studies. It’s nice that someone in the media has finally taken note.

(via Seeing Narcissists Everywhere -

Crash Course guide to orbitals

Here’s some hard science for you.

As you might imagine, the traditional “stick and ball” models of molecules isn’t true to our observable world. While those manipulatives may work for conceiving the general characteristics of molecules, this Crash Course video shows you how atoms and molecules actually look and function.

How to grow a test tube hamburger

Don’t be fooled. This little guy, is very, very deadly.

(via The Smiling Face of a Deadly Brain-Eating Amoeba - Neatorama)

Crop Circles Demystified: Famous Crop Circle Creator Retires

In the past, the most ambitious crop circles have attracted tourists from around the world, sparked rumours of aliens and theories of fiendishly difficult mathematical formulas hidden in their meaning. Most scientists now agree that crop circles are man-made. This week one crop circle creator announced he has retired from the practice due to hay fever.

(via Crop circles demystified: how the patterns are created - Telegraph)

The Singularity is Nigh

(via Inside the robot factory - Telegraph)

I have nightmares that look like this. Only in those they’re actually made of Jelly (hate the stuff).

(via Warm weather sparks jellyfish invasion - Telegraph)