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Paul hosts this week’s cast in which we discuss future inventions that never came to be (Jetson’s style) as well as dystopia and utopia as portrayed in movies and television. Ed adds a new segment called “Things I learned this

4 Ways to Build a Better Monster originally appeared on the MoreKnown Books blog. For a great story, create a great villain. The best baddies share the same traits as any strong character. They need a driving motivation that readers can

What do Hugh Grant, BBC period pieces, Adventure Time, and Niki Minaj all have in common? They’re all discussed on this week’s podcast! If that doesn’t make sense to you….good. Listen to the podcast and straighten yourself out. Smart suggestions:


This is what the Iron Throne really looks like

I guess HBO didn’t put enough into their “Iron budget”

(via George R.R. Martin: This is what the Iron Throne REALLY looks like)

The guys discuss whether or not most of our beloved historical figures were real assholes. Ed plays the straight man (the rest of the cast refuses to play along). Jim reports from Cairo, Ben has some words for LBJ, and Dean ponders the inaccuracies of historical musicals. Just to make up for the rest of the podcast the guys also give you 50% more smart suggestions for free (some cost money though).

Main Segment: Which founding father or historical figure were you surprised to find was a real asshole?

  • Ed - Thomas Jefferson
  • Jim - Thomas Edison
  • Ben - Lyndon B. Johnson (Not named Thomas)
  • Dean - Thomas Jefferson (original)


Smart Suggestions

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It’s a time for some holiday cheer, but not before the fellas read some headlines. The panel shares a couple of Smart Suggestions, then scans the ‘net for any interesting stories before remembering their favorite holiday specials. Grab your coco, your trusted local rag and settle in for a cozy chat by the fireside.

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Smart Suggestions:

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Main Segment: 

Various Headlines (try Google News)

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An Oral History of Freaks and Geeks

(via The Oral History of Freaks and Geeks | Vanity Fair)


Anna Peele of Esquire’s The Culture Blog, makes a succinct argument for the short run. Let’s be clear: Parks and Rec is still tops, but sometimes it’s best to let something go, before it lets itself go.

Not every show can be Seinfeld.

70,000 piece lego replica of Serenity spaceship from Firefly

(via Serenity insanity - CNET)

Web Comic Wednesday: Happy Post Election Day

I hope your candidate/proposal won. Some of mine did.

Everyone is back and the complete panel is restored. As they hit the big 4-0 episode mark, the guys call a meeting of the Editorial Board to provide the official SSpplL endorsement for the presidency. Who will it be? A world of possibilities opens up when one is not limited to the time, space and nonfiction shackles holding back our current electoral system. And as always, these fellas are chock-full of Smart Suggestions.

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Smart Suggestions:

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Best “Gloria” Moments from Modern Family

If you have to have a woman scream at you, you could do a lot worse than Sophia Vergara.

The WIRE as an RPG

College Humor has really been on their A-game lately.