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Posts tagged "twitter"
With Dean gone, the gang have no recourse but to rest on their laurels and resurrect the lighting round, a special “green” guest calls in with the question of the week, and the three man crew rounds it out with


While we agree the sentiment, it still makes us facepalm.

(via I Got Fired For Tweeting)


PLUS they were able to watch it on a device that fits in their pocket and can access it as often as they choose.

Well that answers that. (See upcoming podcast no. 49.)


Today in tremendous geekiness.


Download the .mp3

Without Ed around to absorb all the “lameness” out of the discussion the guys sink to discussing Ben’s social network habits and the general question of privacy in the new online-all-the-time world.

Smart Suggestions:



Dean: Google Chome (and it’s associated translation function) - Google it.

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Web Comic Wednesday: Quitting Twitter


Hard Data on “Soda” vs. “Pop” vs. “Coke”

I love it when people use twitter to analyze things. The graphs are always so pretty.

(via Soda vs. Pop with Twitter - Edwin Chen’s Blog)

This week the fellows ditched the comfort of video conferencing for actual human interaction and all recorded in Dean’s living room. So live in person, but not streaming live. It’s kind of echo-y, but oh the fun that was had discussing Tebowing at graduation, movies, television, twitter feeds and Jordan’s qualifications for his PhD (show off). 

Download the .Mp3

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While Jordan’s away, the rest of crew pick up the slack. On this very social episode we discover a smart rock band, cover a controversial news story, and Ed talks about why he left Goldman Sachs. Then we delve into the reasoning and risks behind unfriending and managing awkward social interactions online.

Download the .mp3

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How to cite a tweet in an academic paper, according to the Modern Language Association. Not sure when or if I will ever use this, but I suppose it could come in handy.

(via How Do You Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper? - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic)

Raise your hand if you use Wikipedia on a daily basis. Okay, now raise your hand if you know what Boing Boing is. If your hand is not up, chances are you unaware that some web sites have chosen to blackout their content today in a protest to the internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA.

The idea behind the protest is to give people a taste of what the internet would be like if these bills were to pass.

The protest probably is effective if you use these sites on a regular basis. However, Wikipedia and Boing Boing are far from the most popular sites on the internet. Arguably the most popular and useful site on the internet — Google — a staunch opponent of the legislation, could only muster this lame protest:

Oh the horror! What happened to the logo? Oh wait, the search bar still works…

At least Google tried. My Twitter and Facebook pages work fine. Nowhere on either page can you find any mention of the protest or of the twin harbingers of the internet apocalypse (that is, if you don’t count the tweets and updates from actual members).

Can you imagine how effective the protest would have been if these companies had taken more action?

What if gmail made you wait five minutes to login? What if Twitter and Facebook randomly blacked out tweets and status updates? People would probably amass on the steps of congress and firebomb the place.

Instead I have to wait an extra day to look up the career of Roy Orbison. That’s really going to set me back.

Make no mistake, citizens, the battle for the country will be won and lost on Twitter and hashtags will be the weapons! Each side will arm themselves with ephemeral catchphrasery signified by the shield of the pound sign. For years, unused by the masses the crosshatch of truth shall once more reign over public discourse - if one knows how to wield it. Luckily for those who don’t, The Atlantic has a piece profiling the mighty non-alphanumeric character so that even the least informed tweet may not go unread. Soldier on, twitter-bug, soldier on.